Cari Nystrom

I love the stage of life we’re in—grade school kids, lots of play, not a diaper in sight! That also means, however, that I’m getting older. That part isn’t cool. There are aches and new wrinkles. I want magnificent eyelashes and a 16 year old’s waistline. BUT I’ve found that as I age, my vision is honed and I have, somehow, gained a bit more wisdom along the way. My love is bigger. I know myself. I see more and more beauty every day (and I am a homebody who’d rather not go further than a two block radius most days)! So I have to shoot. I have to try my best to bottle the beauty and present it to the world in a jpeg because that’s my mission: I photograph families in ordinary moments, reflecting extraordinary love. Our tiniest, simplest acts of love are worthy and beautiful. Nurse a teething a baby all day long? Worthy. Work 12 hour days to come home and snuggle with your littles for their last waking moments? Worthy. Gather your people and let me see your unique brand of love.

Barefoot in the Park is one of my favorite plays—I love the couple’s crazy, persevering love in spite of zany circumstances. I love color and sunshine and planners with room for lots of lists. I also love, like really love, crying. My mom used to find me in my room crying for no good reason and my response was, “I’m practicing.” I think I was just practicing for life. I love how life connects people. How people connect and move one another. I love how a mother’s touch soothes her fussy toddler, or a father beams when meeting his new baby girl for the very first time, or even how a couple giggles after responding in tandem because they know each other that well. This is stuff we were meant for! Let’s document it.